Rabu, 27 April 2011

Bab 45 : Source Code and Limitless movie review by me

I've been watching this movie on Thursday because I've has many free time. ad decide to
watching this movie at GSC dataran Pahlawan, Melaka
the ticket show is 12.30.. and time duration almost 1hour 40 minutes.

Source Code is a story about a secret military "science" what they hve call..
it can gave a time about 8 minutes to change history. its about the same
principle of time travel. but its not the same.

Main character is Jake Gyllenhaal,(Jarhead movie)
Its a complex story and plot..

i gave this movie 3.5/5...


The first impression before i watching this movie was its maybe
difference kind of movie.. but its always the same..

the story about a writer@Bradley Cooper/Ateam movie
he has no life at all.. not even settle his books because
he always not even thing about his future.
but its gonna be difference when he meet his brother in law
at the street..

btw.. i think LIMITLESS is meaning of a pill that
can make our brain functional 100%. you can even think
like sherlock holmes. but the effect of the pill is

SHort memory loses, if you take this pill, you can be addicted .
genre of this movie is Drama

as you can see, drama genre is has so many talk
scene.. ive can even feel sleepy..

ive gave this movie 3/5

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